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Summer Learning Resources

Families often ask how to support student learning over the summer. Already, you are planning summer experiences that build knowledge, spark curiosity about the world, and help your child gain confidence. Riding bikes, hiking, visiting the public library, playing in the neighborhood, attending summer camp, playing board games as a family, and traveling outside of our city build knowledge and a sense of wonder. Reading books and discussing them together also develops rich language skills and fosters a love of literacy. In addition, the more relaxed summer schedule can be a wonderful time to build independence and confidence at all ages as children learn new skills such as tying shoes, and how to contribute to family chores.
In addition to all of that, if you are seeking tools to boost or just keep up academic skills, a list of resources and links are provided here.
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White Oaks Weekly - June 9, 2019

In This Issue: Principal's Message, Request for Incoming Kinder Buddy Families, School Cleanup Thank You, Thanks to the Many PTA Program and Event Leaders Working Behind the Scenes, SCEF News and Events, Free Bike Tour & Safety Workshop, Infosnap Registration for the 2019-20 School Year
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PTA Special Events Appreciation

We'd like to send out a huge "THANK YOU" to all of the Event Committees and volunteers for the fun PTA events and celebrations happening at White Oaks since Winter Break: Ella Levin for the Upper Grades Dance, Jaime Ackerhalt & Jen Larocque for the Stanford Baseball Outing, Jessica Eva for her work on the 2020 Chickens' Ball, Jennifer Rudy & Julie Stallings for Founders Day, Kirsten Kell for the school play, Natalie Joyce, Lana Walsh & Ella Levin for Cultural Arts Day, and Ella Levin & Natalie Joyce for organizing our participation in the Hometown Days Parade - we appreciate all that you do to build community at White Oaks School!
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Request for Incoming Kinder Buddy Families

Do you remember when your child started kindergarten? Can you recall how helpful it was to meet a family who already knew the ropes at White Oaks and could answer your many questions? Please consider volunteering to serve as a buddy family, making an incoming kinder family feel welcome and letting them know that you can be a resource for them if they have any questions or concerns. Your connection and friendly face on campus make a difference!
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PTACC…. Why you should care... Check it out today!

PTACC stands for PTA Coordinating Council. The San Carlos PTA Coordinating Council is comprised of PTA Presidents from each school, Principals, SCEF, Charter and SC District Administration working together to collaborate and support the needs of all of the children in our 9 community schools.
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White Oaks Weekly - June 2, 2019

In This Issue: Principal's Message, Parent News from the School Counselor, Laura Macfarlane, LCSW, PTA Special Events Appreciation, Walk to School Wednesday, Last Call for Walk-a-Thon Designs: Due Friday, June 7, The SCEF Fiscal Year Ends June 30th - Your Giving Is As Important NOW As Ever, Celebrate the End of the School Year With Your San Carlos Friends and the SF Giants on FRIDAY, June 14th, Free Bike Tour & Safety Workshop, Infosnap Registration for the 2019-20 School Year, Summer Camp 2019, Community News and Events
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