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Join Team Kid!

Joining Together for Student Success

A PTA/SCEF Campaign to Support our Schools

This Fall, more than ever, our great San Carlos Schools need us. Let’s come together and create the best experience possible for our eager students and outstanding teachers.

Join the TeamKid movement! By giving to your school and SCEF, you’ll be supporting the local-level funding that bridges the gap between the needs of San Carlos Schools, and our CA state funding.

Our goal is 100% participation, so please donate at whatever level is possible for you.

White Oaks PTA

Your contribution per student supports student and school success

Parent-Teacher Associations help fund site specific supply, instructional, and community-building needs, as well as advocate state-wide for students and teachers. Funds raised by our PTA will be used during the 2020–21 school year and will cover school supplies, teacher stipends, principal funds, and other school-wide community, administrative and academic support.

Your PTA membership lends your voice to advocacy efforts on behalf of children and educators at the local, state, and national levels.

  • Classroom & Learning Support: More than half the PTA budget goes to support teachers and classrooms. Through generous teacher stipends and additional funds for school supplies, literacy aids and classroom materials, PTA fundraising has a direct impact on your student’s classroom experience.

  • Community Building & Events: Part of the mission of the PTA is to build community amongst our circle of families.

  • Art & Special Programs: PTA funds also cover Art in Action and other enrichment programs that help enhance our children’s educational experience.

  • Advocacy: The PTA plays a huge role in advocacy efforts both locally and across the state and nation to ensure equitable funding for schools and support laws that improve the lives of all children.

Donate to your PTA


San Carlos Education Foundation (SCEF)

Your suggested per student* donation helps reach SCEF’s $3 million annual goal

* or an amount that suits your family

SCEF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on supporting core staff and innovative programs for every child in every classroom in the San Carlos school distrinct. SCEF is the primary fundraising organization for San Carlos schools and the only fundraising organization that can fund personnel.

What does my donation support? This school year, the SCEF grant will be used to fund:

  • Teaching Positions and Professional Development Funds: To enable the district to hire teaching staff and support innovation and professional development.

  • Technology Devices and Applications: Leverage new and existing investments in technology, infrastructure and teacher training to quickly transition to at-home learning. Includes purchase of Chromebooks, iPads, Curriculum and Online Education Applications.

  • Mental Health and Wellness: Enable schools to ensure a mental health safety net to support the social emotional needs of students by providing counseling and other mental health services. Supplement state funding for Covid-related supplies to support safe learning environments.

  • Elective Teachers and Music Programs: Funds to hire middle school elective teachers and support award-winning music programs.

  • Principal Flex Funds: Provide each school principal with funding to address specific school site needs.

Donate to SCEF

* or indicate your willingness to donate in the Spring

Thank you for your support of #teamkidsc!