White Oaks Weekly - January 28, 2024

January 28, 2024


  • Principal’s Message: Social Emotional Learning 
  • PTA: Feb. Meeting, Heritage Day
  • SCEF: Read-a-Thon
  • Community News: Lunar New Year Celebration


Now-1/31: SCEF Read-a-Thon
Wed 2/7: PTA Meeting, 6 p.m.
Mon-Fri 2/19-2/23: Midwinter Break, no school
Fri 3/8: Disco Bingo
Wed 3/20: White Oaks Heritage Day
Mon-Fri 4/8-4/12: Spring Break, no school

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Principals Message

Dear White Oaks families, 

Your children are learning social and emotional skills through regular classroom lessons using our Second Step program and reinforcement throughout the school day. All of our students are encouraged to use I-messages and three steps to talk-it-out when they have small problems. Even small problems can lead to big emotions so it is necessary to calm down before trying to solve the problem. Once children have calmed down, it’s time to talk it out. 

  • Step #1: Tell them how you feel.

  • Step #2: Explain why you feel that way.

  • Step #3: Tell them what would help you feel better.

"I feel _______ when you ____________. Could you please ______________?"

It takes practice to develop and master the skills of using I-messages and talk-it-out. At White Oaks, the staff is encouraging and coaching students to use these skills to solve small problems. Practicing at home is another opportunity for students to practice these important skills so they can become effective problem solvers. We also continue to use Kelso’s Choice as a way to build independence in low-level conflict resolution. Some students still need facilitation to determine which of Kelso’s Choices are the most appropriate for the issue at hand. Modeling self-talk is hugely beneficial and will help students learn how to navigate day-to-day social interactions.

Leah Scholer

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This Week's Menus

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PTA News

PTA Open Volunteer Positions

The PTA still has open volunteer positions to fill right now-- we need your help! Each role can be filled by one or more people. Please reach out to Sara Ting or Amy Kim if you are interested or if you would like more information.

1. Makerspace Liaison: On an ongoing basis, check in on Makerspace to take inventory, organize and manage materials, and solicit supplies as needed. [Hours: 1-1.5 hours per month]

2. Disco Bingo: We are looking for 1-2 parents to help Tiffany Day plan this fun family event on Mar. 8 in the MU. Contact Tiffany if you are interested. [Hours: 5-6 hours in planning and event itself]

3. Running Club Chair: Plan and supervise 2nd/3rd grade running club. [Hours: 5 hours in the beginning to set up and 1-2 hours a week managing volunteers and weekly supervision at lunch from Feb to May]

4. Spring Dance: We would like a committee of 3-6 people to divide tasks and coordinate vendors for this event. The Spring Dance includes all students plus their parent/adult for an evening party from 6-8 p.m. on Apr. 26 in the MU and outside patio space. There will be decorations, a DJ, snacks, and a photo booth. [Hours: 5-10 hours per person including pre-event coordination and set up and break down on event day]

Join Us For the February PTA Meeting Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. (MU & Zoom)

We welcome all White Oaks parents and educators to join us for the PTA meeting on Feb. 7 at 6 p.m. We will hold this meeting in person in the MU AND on Zoom. Come to hear updates on upcoming events and programs at White Oaks.

Save the Date for Heritage Day!

Please save the date for White Oaks’ Heritage Day on Wednesday, Mar. 20. Families are invited to come celebrate the diversity of our school by sharing their heritage with students during the school day in the MU. More details coming soon.

Participate in the PTA-SCEF Read-A-Thon

The Read-A-Thon is NOW through Jan. 31!! Over 2,200 students have already signed up. Students can win prizes for reading and sending pledge requests. Just think, if every student received $100 in pledges and donations, we would raise over $300,000 for key programs, staff and our school PTAs!

Attend a Golden State Warriors game versus the Grizzlies at SCEF Night at the Warriors!

  • Mar. 20 at 7 p.m. 
  • Tickets & Kids Anthem VIP Experience
  • No Ticketmaster fees!
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Community News

Celebrate Lunar New Year on Saturday, Feb. 3 at the San Carlos Library

2024 is the year of the dragon! Celebrate Lunar New Year at the San Carlos library on Saturday, Feb. 3 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. with free activities for all ages, including a lion dance, cultural performances, martial arts demonstrations, bi-lingual story time, red envelope distribution, crafts and other hands-on activities, and food trucks. More information is available here.

Food Trucks on Chestnut Street:

Performances by:


  • Red envelope distribution by local seniors
  • Lantern parade
  • Fashion show: We invite everyone to wear your Lunar New Year or red clothing to participate
  • Cultural crafts including paper lantern making, paper cutting, bilingual story time, mahjong and more!

Parent Education Opportunities

What do students need to succeed in college? Louis Newman, PhD, former Dean of Academic Advising at Stanford, will discuss his new book, Thinking Critically in College: Essential Tools for Student Success (Jan. 30).

How can we educate our teens to make safe and healthy choices? Stanford professor Bonnie Halpern-Felsher, PhD, founder of REACH Lab, presents Safety First: Empowering Teenagers to Prevent and Reduce Drug Use (Jan. 31).

NEW! We're delighted to host Sameer Hinduja, PhD, cyberbullying and safe social media expert, for Cyberbullying, AI, and Social Media: The Role of Parents, Youth, and the Community (Feb. 1). Don't miss this important talk!

NEW! What should families know about "the money talk"? We welcome Lori R. Sackler, CIMA, CFP, author of The M Word: The Money Talk Every Family Needs to Have About Wealth and Their Financial Future (2nd Edition) (Feb. 2).

NEW! How can you help your kids make connections? Phyllis Fagell, licensed clinical counselor and author Middle School Superpowers, presents Super Belonging: Helping Kids Connect and Find Their Place in the Pack (Feb. 6).

NEW! We're proud to join a consortium of Silicon Valley nonprofits to launch the all-new Neurodiversity Speaker Series. The series begins with Barbara Pape, EdM, in A Strength-Based Approach to Learner Variability and Neurodiversity (Feb. 7).

Visit the Parent Venture Series of Upcoming Events page for more information. 

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