Yearbook - Call for Photos – Deadline Friday, 1/29

We need your photo contribution to fill the following pages and capture this historic school year for your children and school. Please collect and submit your photos before Friday, 1/29.

  • Welcome Wednesdays – if your child has presented or performed at Welcome Wednesday, please submit your photos of that special moment.
  • Mask Fashion – Let your student show off their favorite mask. 
  • Pets – We all know kids like to show off their pets on zoom. Here’s their chance to share Fluffy in print.
  • DYI Fieldtrips – corn maze, zoo, beach day, etc. 
  • Music – Students at home playing instruments or dancing their heart out.
  • Sports – martial arts, Legarza, soccer, tennis, equestrian, etc.
  • Outside Play – water games, sidewalk chalk, backyard fun
  • Celebrations – birthdays, cultural events, holidays
  • Makerspace/STEM – home experiments, favorite STEM toys, LEGO creations
  • Clubs – If your student is participating in Running Club or Green Team, please share some photos of them participating
  • Art – Making art and showing it off
  • 3rd Graders – A photo that shows your 3rd Grader at their best or silliest for their special montage page.
  • Upcoming Events: 100th Day of School & Lunar New Year (these will have a later deadline)

Instructions for uploading:

  • LOG ON TO: 
  • Enter our school ID: 415473954
  • Browse to select the photo(s) you wish to upload, click on “Select My Images.” 
  • Click “Upload Chosen Images.”
  • Please be sure to complete the Description portion of the form when submitting (it’s super helpful).