White Oaks Weekly - October 6, 2019

From the Principal

Dear Families,

October is Digital Citizenship Month and we are teaching skills using resources from Common Sense Media. Throughout the year, students will be using technology in a variety of ways to support critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration including authoring e-books, creating their own movies to communicate a point of view, drafting essays using Google Docs, researching science and social studies topics, and collaborating during project-based learning units -  just to highlight a few. Along the way, they are learning how to search safely, protect privacy, give proper credit to authors, share workload responsibilities, and model kindness and caring in all communications – on and offline. 

From research and reading online to playing games and exploring social media, our kids truly are living in the digital age. With our support, children learn that the guidelines of “online life” closely mirror those of life “offline”. During the elementary school years, children are learning how to self-regulate. As they reach new physical, social and emotional milestones, children begin to balance active time with rest time, time with friends with quiet time alone, and healthy eating with the occasional sweet treat. With our guidance, they also are learning how to manage their “digital diets” to balance both quality and quantity of media consumption.  

Here are a few guidelines you may want to draw from as you consider how technology functions in your family:

  • Get involved: Engage with your child and find out what he/she enjoys online.
  • Set an example: Model positive behavior about when, where and how it is acceptable to be “on” a device. Check out this 45 second video about taming device time.
  • Make dinner time device free.
  • Set clear limits: Together, create a schedule that shows when media will be used and how screen time fits into the larger picture of the day or week. Institute a “device bedtime” so that devices are put away in advance of your child’s bedtime. Ensure that devices are used and charged in public areas, not in children’s bedrooms. Create a Family Media Plan.

Already, our children are learning to leverage technology to fuel learning in exciting ways. Together, we’ll help them take the next steps to become powerful digital (and non-digital) citizens!


Leah Scholer, Principal


School News and Events

White Oaks - You Are Amazing!
Big thanks to our White Oaks family for coming out to our Welcome Wednesday and getting us one step closer to reaching our membership goal! In one day, we added 30 members and only need 74 to go to reach 100%. Every voice counts and our kids appreciate you! If you haven't already, please join today.

October PTA Meeting
Please join us for our next PTA meeting on October 16 at 7:00pm. We will be discussing the Walk-a-thon, hear from our PTACC Budget Committee chair, and receive a school update from Mrs. Scholer. This meeting will take place at Debbie Blucher’s house (1550 Cedar). Refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you there.

More Walk-a-Thon Information
You know the date of the Walk-a-Thon (it’s Sunday, October 20th!), but there’s lots more information available on our private and secure Walk-a-Thon fundraising website. Check your email this week for your invitation to join the site, where you can find more details on the event itself, and everything you need to know in advance. Once on the site, you can also help your child start fundraising and sign up to volunteer. All students are encouraged to raise $250, but any and all donations are accepted and appreciated! Questions? Email us at whiteoakswalkathon@gmail.com.

Shop Good Eggs this Week to Win Brainiac Kids Yogurt
Shop this week to win Brainiac Kids yogurt! If 8 families shop with our code this week, we'll win Brainiac Kids yogurt to pass out at school.
Brainiac Kids was developed by two Bay Area dads with the help of nutritionists, pediatricians, and neurologists. Their innovative blend of nutrients is designed to support kids’ growing brains. 

Join this week and support our school. Good Eggs is an organic grocery delivery service offering local, organic produce, sustainable meat and fish, pantry items, meal kits and much more for direct delivery to your doorstep.

5% will go back to our school on orders placed between 10/1 and 11/30.

How to join the fundraiser:

  1. Visit schools.goodeggs.com
  2. Enter the school code whiteoaksfall2019. Click "Shop Now."
  3. Add your groceries to your Good Eggs basket and check out.

New customers get $20 off their first order with this code. We'll earn a $150 bonus if 10 new families try Good Eggs for the first time, and an additional $350 for 20. Thank you for your support and happy shopping.



The Friends and Faculty Concert is Coming Soon!  
Come see our San Carlos School District music teachers perform with other professional musicians at the 14th annual Friends and Faculty concert on Friday, November 8, 2019 at 7pm at St. Charles Church in San Carlos. This is an amazing opportunity to enjoy many local talents as they play a variety of selections to be appreciated by an audience of all ages. All proceeds benefit the music programs in our district’s middle schools. To purchase tickets, please visit https://www.scefkids.org/events/.

Check Your Mailbox for the New SCEF Brochure
The new SCEF brochure provides an overview of the organization as well as answers to the BIG questions: What is SCEF? What does your donation support, why are donations needed for public schools, and how can we build strong schools together? A big thank you to Wendy Wood, a SCSD parent, for donating her design services once again!


District News and Events

New Student Registration
The San Carlos School District will be opening the first window of registration for any NEW students enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year, on November 1, 2019. This registration window is open until February 28, 2020 and parents may register at anytime during this period. 

New Student Registration is for all incoming Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and any student in grades 1st through 8th that will be new to the District (currently enrolled students do not need to complete this process).

Visit our website for more information.

Preschool & Kindergarten Parent Information Meeting
Have an incoming Kindergartener? Looking for a great preschool? Join us for our Preschool & Kindergarten Parent Information Night on Monday, November 18 from 6:30-8:00pm in Mustang Hall. Info Night is designed to provide parents and guardians with information about the San Carlos School District and its programs.


  • How to Register for School
  • Overview of our District, Schools, Preschool, Kindergarten & Transitional Kindergarten programs
  • Meet the Elementary School Principals
  • Parent/Teacher Association (PTA) Overview
  • San Carlos Education Foundation Overview
  • Resources Booths for Parents - Afterschool Programs, Healthy Cities Tutoring, Sequoia Health Care District

Visit our website for more information.


Community News and Events

Healthy Cities Tutoring Orientation and Training for New & Existing Tutors
Join us and make a difference in the life of a child. Healthy Cities Tutoring matches volunteer tutors with students in K-8th grade who are struggling in school and need additional support. Tutoring is just 45 minutes once a week, and timing is flexible with openings before, during, or after school. Tutors select the school(s) and grade-level(s) they prefer and we match them accordingly.

Attend one of our upcoming training sessions on Wednesday, October 16, 8:30am-10am or 6:30pm-8:30pm at White Oaks School to learn how to help children one-on-one in the areas of reading, writing, math, engagement in learning, and self-esteem. Additional trainings on 10/22 at Henry Ford Elementary & 11/7 at Clifford School.

Visit healthycitiestutoring.org for more information.

Chickens’ Ball Variety Show PTA Fundraiser
Got Talent? Want to raise money for your kids’ music and art programs? Want to have fun? Sign up online and attend auditions October 24 or October 26 at Heather Elementary school. Watch our short video for all the info you need. www.chickensball.org.