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Book of the Month

Dear Families,
Our Book of the Month for January and February is What Does it Mean to Be Kind? by Rana DiOrio.
Book of the Month What Does it Mean to be Kind
At school, we teach children that White Oaks is a place of kindness and caring, and each member of our community has a role to play in making it so! Students are reflecting on what it means to be kind throughout the day - in classrooms, at recess, around our campus, and across the community. Students practice in simple ways, like reaching out with an invitation to play. They also practice in bigger ways such as working on a project-based learning unit that includes serving others.Our strategic plan calls out our commitment to helping students develop ". . .into contributing, empathic citizens and leaders who are responsible stewards of their world and care about equity and justice, both locally and worldwide." With each step, our kids are stretching towards this vision.
  • Here are some of our key teachings that you can reinforce at home:
  • Kindness is active. At times, it can be hard to choose to be kind.
  • Kindness is an act of courage.
  • Being kind is a choice we can make many times a day. Choose Kind!
  • We can show kindness through small acts and in simple ways.
You may also want to take a look at this post,"What This Harvard Project Determined About Raising Kind Kids". In our community, we're already valuing kindness in so many ways at home and at school We're so grateful for your partnership! You may also want to check out this family kindness challenge video (2 minutes) and Kindness Checklist for some simple and fun ideas.
Allison Liner, Principal